Have you ever had a rat problem?  I don’t mean your ex — I mean a legit rat?  

There are few times when I have wished to have a husband since I have been divorced but last summer, I wished I had a man in the house when a couple of rats found their way into my home.

Let me tell you how it started — my kids to whom I constantly bark, ‘don’t leave the balcony door open or else the rats will get in,’ totally ignored me on a hot day and guess what happened?  

Yeah, you guessed it. 

Rats got in.

I heard the scratching on a night when I was all alone at home.  I felt like I was in a horror movie but it got WORSE.  I found rat droppings all over my house.  It was disgusting. 

Doug the Exterminator, my knight in shining armor put out rat traps but turns out he was not a rat ninja and could not find them and remove them the way that I had hoped.  I eventually discovered that they were living under the cabinet in my bathroom.  He set down glue traps and one night at 12am, I caught a rat.  

Once again, I was all alone at home.  There was a rat squealing, screaming, in my bathroom.  I wanted to run away.  It was horrifying.  

There’s a reason I am telling you this story.  

I texted my nephew, my neighbor, two friends and the exterminator.  Thirty minutes later, my neighbor came over and helped me.  

The moral of the story:  You do not need a husband.   

You do need a support system. 

So go get it.  Build it.  Right now.  It can not wait.  

You need to create this for yourself. You never know when the rats will get in. 

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