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We will get in the trenches with you and help you get to the root. We are not nodding-head therapists.

EMDR Reprocesses Trauma in a way that Traditional Talk Therapy can’t




Trauma can impact us in ways that we don’t even realize — it may increase our levels of stress and anxiety, and contribute to substance use issues, sleep disturbances, flashbacks, negative beliefs about ourselves, and even depression.

What is EMDR? 

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  It is a treatment for trauma that is highly effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, PTSD, complex trauma and a wealth of other mental health symptoms that are often rooted in trauma, whether we realize it or not.

The Department of Defense, the International Society for Trauma Stress Studies, and the American Psychiatric Association all recommend EMDR as an effective treatment for trauma and/or PTSD. EMDR is an extremely effective approach to treating those who struggle with a history of trauma.

EMDR is an effective way to treat trauma without re-traumatizing.

At Beach Cities Psychotherapy, we offer EMDR in weekly therapeutic sessions and EMDR Intensives. At Beach Cities Psychotherapy, we are very attuned to the impact of trauma on our clients. Our therapists are all trauma-informed.

To understand more about EMDR, visit the Emdria website or check out this video.


If you can identify with the following experiences, EMDR therapy may be right for you.

Feeling overwhelmed in the present by intrusive thoughts like "I'm not good enough," "I'm not safe," or "I don't deserve love" even when intellectually, you know it's not true.

Suffering from intense anxiety or fear that sabotages the present.

Experiencing flashbacks or nightmares that bring traumatic events vividly back to life. Haunted by memories of past trauma that intrude into daily life, causing distress and disruption.

Struggling with a sense of detachment or numbness, finding it hard to connect emotionally with others.

Experiencing physical symptoms, like increased heart rate or sweating, when recalling traumatic events.

Feeling overwhelmed by emotional reactions that seem excessive or inappropriate to the current situation.

Why Beach Cities Psychotherapy?

 Are you looking for a therapist who lights pretty candles, smiles and nods while you talk about the same problems week after week? 

If you are, that’s not us.

At Beach Cities Psychotherapy, we ask the challenging questions and get in the trenches with you.  Sometimes trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, or identity issues get in our way. You may feel empty, broken or even worthless when other people may think you have it all. 

We help you make the shifts you need to live the life you want and feel able to appreciate it. Our goal at Beach Cities Psychotherapy is to cultivate change and healing by asking you the hard questions, addressing the areas where you are stuck, and confronting pain with treatment and healing.

We are direct, hands-on and we value humor above candles. Our therapists are not scared of your pain, your fear, your struggles. We will delve beneath the surface when you are ready.

We value your mental health, your time and your resources too much to talk about the same problems in the same ways that you always have. Often people come to Beach Cities Psychotherapy when they feel like other therapists have skimmed the surface and they need more.

We want to help you heal and find the clarity you need in your life.  

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