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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of therapy that effectively treats trauma and trauma symptoms without re-traumatizing in the way that traditional talk therapy can.

Sometimes, people choose to turn their EMDR Intensive into a Therapeutic Retreat by scheduling other self-care activities by our offices in Hermosa Beach and focussing on healing for the duration of their EMDR Intensive work.

EMDR Intensives are accelerated treatment programs for trauma. Rather than traditional weekly EMDR sessions, EMDR Intensives include one 90 minute prep session one to two weeks prior to the intensive (via telehealth or in-person) to begin resourcing and create the treatment plan, and three 3-hour Intensive EMDR sessions.

A 30-minute follow-up session (telehealth or in-person) to go over an after-care plan within two weeks of the Intensive is also included. During this time, we move through the phases of EMDR and process as much of the trauma as possible.

    The advantages of EMDR Intensives include:

      • Creating progress in a shorter period of time
      • Accelerating the reduction of trauma symptoms
      • Intensives may better support your professional or personal schedule 
      • Focused, collaborative attention to the pain points you are interested in healing
      • An opportunity to turn Trauma Treatment into a healing retreat

    In essence, an EMDR Intensive is the equivalent of one to three months of weekly EMDR Therapy.

    While many clients are excited to participate in the EMDR intensives, a gentle reminder that we always share is that this is intensive therapy. It’s important that during the EMDR Intensive, clients create time to focus on self-care so that they are able to do the EMDR work effectively. People often report feeling tired after EMDR sessions as EMDR is an intense process and these intensives are accelerated.

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    Want to know more about the efficacy of EMDR, research or health organizations that endorse it?

      EMDR Intensives FAQ:

      Will an EMDR intensive heal all of my trauma?

      This is an excellent question. While the goal is to significantly reduce the identified trauma you wish to target and work on, no therapist can guarantee results, and each person and their trauma history is different. What we get to do is dependent on your trauma history and how you respond to EMDR work.  Typically, we process about the same amount of trauma as we would in 2-3 months of weekly EMDR sessions.  

      When do you suggest I schedule the EMDR intensive?

      Some clients prefer to take vacation days, however, other clients prefer to blend the intensive into their current schedules.  We suggest setting up your intensive during a time where you can practice self-care directly after your EMDR sessions.  EMDR Intensives often book out several weeks or months in advance so if you are interested in scheduling an EMDR Intensive, please reach out and ask about current availability.

      Where do the EMDR intensives take place?

      EMDR intensives take place in person at Beach Cities Psychotherapy in Hermosa Beach, CA.

      What Health Precautions Do You Take For COVID-19?

      We follow all recommended guidelines based on current recommendations. 

      Is everyone a good candidate for EMDR or an EMDR intensive?

      My top priority is to ensure that an EMDR intensive is a good fit for you. Before scheduling an intensive, I provide a 20-minute screening and assessment to make sure that this is the right treatment for you at this time.

      Can I do an EMDR Intensive over Telehealth or does it need to be in-person?

      While the Prep session and the Post-session can be done via telehealth if necessary, I find EMDR to be more effective in-person and do not offer EMDR Intensive Processing sessions via telehealth.

      If I don’t like the EMDR intensive experience, are there refunds available?

      The time scheduled for your intensive is therapeutic time that has been set aside specifically for you, thus there are no refunds.

      However, if you determine with your EMDR therapist that the intensive is not a good fit, your therapist can shift to other forms of therapy such as, traditional psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, or walk and talk therapy for example. Please note that this would take place during the same scheduled time frame as your scheduled EMDR intensive. 

      What happens after the intensive?

      Your EMDR intensive therapist will create an aftercare plan and go over this with you based on the progress made during the EMDR intensive. If additional EMDR is warranted, we will create a plan that will support you in this.

      Your aftercare plan may include individual therapy with a therapist at Beach Cities Psychotherapy if there is room available, or referral recommendations will be given to support you.

      The aftercare recommendations may also include other supportive resources to assist you as you move forward in your healing journey.  

      If you have further questions after reviewing the above, or if you’d like to schedule an assessment to determine if an EMDR Intensive is a good fit for you, please contact Whitney Boole, LMFT (Lic#93107) and founder of Beach Cities Psychotherapy at 310-989-6465 or whitney@beachcitiespsych.com.

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