Couples Therapy in Hermosa Beach, CA

We are direct, hands-on and we value humor above candles.

Working with couples involves exploring your relationship from both partners’ perspectives and learning what goals you have for your relationship.

We help clients build healthy intimacy, clarify expectations within their relationship, work through relationship challenges including infidelity, and improve communication.

It is important to have an identity as a couple, but it is just as important to maintain identity as individuals. Thus, your relationship is critical as are each partners’ individual beliefs and expectations for themselves and their life together.

    Often couples wait years to pull the trigger on couples therapy, deepening the divide with their partner over time. Feeling lonely in a relationship can be excruciating, but often couples suffer in that disconnection because the alternative is scary and unknown.

    That loneliness is a breeding ground for bigger problems to grow within the marriage. There are hallmark warning signs that indicate your relationship is in trouble including criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling.

    Wondering if your relationship is worth saving or if it’s worth the work required to make it a relationship worth saving? Couples therapy can help you and your partner sort that out and tackle issues including communication, infidelity, and healthy intimacy.

    Contact us to further discuss whether couples therapy may be the right decision for you.

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